My name is Alexa Hyman. I'm twenty five years old, living in Chicago with my adorable art-teaching sister and working full-time in financial services. On the side, I’m passionate about writing, camping, taking photos and, most importantly, being a mama.

Back on February 17, 2017, I found out I was unexpectedly pregnant with a little girl. It marked the day my world flipped upside down and I was turned inside out. Everything I thought my life would be, would not - not the way I’d planned anyway. Ten months later, on October 20, 2017, the most wonderful gift I’ve ever been given arrived, my daughter, Renley Jane. So this is my journey from unplanned pregnancy to single motherhood - the pain, the joy and all things in between.

I’ll share my story, resources for women facing a similar situation, my tips, the ways in which I keep sane and maintain self-love and self-care. While my heart does swoon for good design and beautiful things, I promise this journey is far from perfect. It’s not perfect. There are nights where I bury my face in a pillow and cry, where I lie in the bathtub surrounded by candles, flowers, face masks (and all of the things I love) in desperate attempts to make myself feel better. There are moments when I close my eyes in prayer, focusing on my breath, trying to become grounded again and find the little bit of strength that I held onto way back in February.

Outside of sharing my own personal experiences in an attempt to make other women feel less alone, this website is about creating community. All of us women have our own unique stories of joy and hardship. Coming soon, in “the Februaries” section, you’ll find stories from other brave women who have faced their own difficult journeys of struggle. And that’s what this is all about. Beautiful images with deep meaning and words behind them. It’s about dialogue, community, heart. This is for all the women who have faced their own February or one that is yet to come.