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Everyday Mamas:

“Single Mom Uses Her Story of Unplanned Pregnancy to Help Thousands of Others”

“Today we’re excited to share this heartfelt interview with Alexa Hyman, founder of Back in February, a rapidly growing online community for women.”

Letters to women podcasT:


Each one of us has our own unique story of joy and struggle, our “Februaries.” So how do we be brave and face that struggle head on? Alexa is leading the way with a conversation about beauty, meaning, conversation, community, and heart.


“Mothergood Feature: Alexa”

Motherhood is the epitome of selflessness, in my book. I think I find that both the most fulfilling and the most challenging. It has challenged me to open my hands up and just simply let go..


“Back in February- How an unexpected pregnancy led to joy”

“Alexa Hyman navigated her white Kia Optima, peering through sheets of rain, as she made her way to a Southern California Rite Aid. She already knew the answer, but she had to see it in flashing black and white. Sixteen dollars later, sitting at home in the tiny bathroom of her apartment, she had her answer: she was pregnant.”


Dynasty women’s initiative:

COnference panelist

At this conference aimed to cultivate raw conversations among women working in financials services, I was invited to speak on a panel to share my surprise stumble into the industry as a single, surprise mom and why conversations happening here at Back in February are relevant, even in financial services.

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