Gallery Wall


It's amazing what art and a few plants can do to a room. Little by little, my bedroom is starting to feel like a home. The top photo is a picture of surfers in the water at the beach I used to frequent in Malibu called County Line. Sometimes I get caught up in self-pity and even some bitterness, grieving the life I "gave up" when I got pregnant. But every time I do, I ask myself if I would have it any other way. And the answer is always - without a glimmer of hesitation - a resounding no. For me, the joy of being of a #mother far outweighs the allures of freedom and independence I once felt. And sometimes I reach for the things that once lent me joy and made my heart warm but I find that they no longer fill my cup. My heart has grown and filled those gaps with newfound joy and laughter and baby slobber. And man, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Alexa Hyman