The French Phase is Real

I absolutely love this dress because it can be layered for fall and winter, and worn sleeveless during the summer months. I don’t buy clothes that often and when I do, it’s because they’re versatile and classic. I’m huge on only buying when I absolutely love something and can’t go without it. I gut check myself before I buy it so there’s no buyer’s remorse later.

Fashion tip: buy fewer, higher quality items rather than buying a ton of pieces you don’t need. Your closet will feel less cluttered and you’ll have less clothing collecting dust in your closet. Also buy clothes that can be layered and mixed/matched together easily; I tend to buy a lot of neutral, similar color palette items with rare pops of color and fun accessory pieces to spice things up.

Of course, I had to buy Renley a tiny beret to match.

My look: Beret & Earings: Anthropologie. Coat & Turtle Neck: J Crew. Dress: Tara Jarmon (on sale).

Renley’s look: Baby Beret: Janie and Jack. Overall dress & T-shirt: Monica & Andy. Shoes: Baby Gap.

Alexa Hyman